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Revised Heritage Lottery Fund bid

Following an unsuccessful application last year Harlow Council will be submitting revised and scaled-back proposals this February. It is proposed that Pets Corner will be improved and slightly enlarged on its existing site; Spurriers House will be restored externally to its pre new town state by demolishing the rather ugly 60's-built café and toilets extensions; a new professionally run café will be established on the ground floor of Spurriers House. Most of the smaller landscaping proposals of the previous bid remain.

The old nursery site (walled garden) south of Pets Corner towards Park Lane will not now be used for relocating Pets Corner. As yet there are no firm proposals, but possibilities for bringing this area back into use include a new hay barn for Pets Corner, to replace the one which will be lost when the old Marshgate Depot is redeveloped. Another part of the area could be used as a food growing demonstration area, e.g. "fork to fork" in conjunction with the café.

Existing layout of Spurriers House and Pets Corner
Spurriers current layout
Click picture to enlarge.

Option A

  • New education building on former empty square at Spurriers House end on NE corner,
  • Padocks unchanged.

Revised layout of Spurriers House and Pets Corner – Option A:
Spurriers - option A
Click picture to enlarge.

Option B

  • New open "dutch" barn for demonstrations in centre of expanded Pets Corner,
  • animal stalls pushed a short way into current paddock area,
  • paddocks extend further along path,
  • path shifted around new animal stalls.

Revised layout of Spurriers House and Pets Corner – Option B:
Spurriers - option B
Click picture to enlarge.


  • New café located in ground floor of restored Spurriers House,
  • Small room with information about the park adjacent to café.

Ground Floor of Spurriers House with Café:
Spurriers Cafe
Click picture to enlarge.

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