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Click on the links below for background information on some of the sites of value for wildlife and nature conservation in and around Harlow.

Please Note - pages will be added to this section over time.

Abbreviations Used

Local Nature Reserve (declared by local authority)
Site of Special Scientific Interest (designated by Natural England)
Biodiversity Action Plan

Biodiversity Inventory

An inventory of the biodiversity value of all Harlow council designated local nature reserves, wildlife sites, and protected roadside verges, and some other wildlife areas in Harlow is available in MS Excel speadsheet form:

Harlow Biodiversity Inventory (40kbyte)

Local Nature Reserves

Parndon Woods (SSSI)
Parndon Wood
Hospital &
 Risdens Wood

Harlow Marshes
Marshgate Spring
Maymeads Marsh
Parndon Moat Marsh

Hawkenbury Meadow

County Wildlife Sites in Harlow

Brenthall & Barnsley Wood
Harlow Common
Latton Woods & Common
Markhall Woods
Netteswell Plantation

Burnetts Wood
Maunds Wood
Vicarage Wood

Harolds Grove
Marsh Lane Copse

Harlow Wildlife Sites

Stort Meadows (Town Park Stage 4)
Fountains Farm Pond
Gilden Way Meadow & Dick's Pond
Gravel Pit Springs, Latton Farm
Gravel Pit Spring, New Hall Farm
Stewards Meadow

Other Sites in Harlow

Carters Mead Wildlife Area


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