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Harlow Wildlife Projects group

Harlow Wildlife Projects is an independent voluntary group formed to develop wildlife conservation projects and projects which improve access to nature in Harlow and immediately surrounding areas, and to seek the funds to carry them out. The aim is to carry out larger and more complete projects than can be achieved by volunteers alone, by obtaining primarily grant funding and engaging contractors to carry out much of the work, particularly those tasks beyond the scope of volunteers, while also involving volunteers in some project elements where practical.

Project Aims

Projects can vary in size, the largest individual project to date being £50k in cash terms. They can range from specific improvements for a single species, and small habitat creation projects, through to larger projects aimed at conserving the full spectrum of biodiversity found in woodlands, meadows, and wetlands. The group does not currently have any land of its own; projects are carried out on publicly owned land or that owned by charities or similar and that is accessible to the general public. Projects are about achieving particular improvements within a certain timeframe. Ongoing conservation management and maintenance of sites are the responsibility of the landowner.

Education and Public Awareness

In addition to physical access improvements, projects can include providing information to the public, e.g. by way of site interpretation boards, and facilities for observing and studying wildlife, such as hides and viewing platforms.


The group was formed in 2007 by members of Harlow Conservation Volunteers in response to a request from officers of Harlow Council who were hoping to tap into a range of grant funding open to community groups, but from which the Council as a statutory authority was excluded.

Who we are

We are currently quite a small group of individuals, giving of their time on a purely voluntary basis. There are no paid employees. Group members have a wide range of experience of voluntary conservation work and of managing small projects, knowledge of natural history, and now have some experience of successfully applying for funds, including from the National Lottery.

The group is run by the committee, elected each year at the AGM:

Andrew Tomlins - Chair and acting Treasurer
Colin Lincoln - Vice Chair and Project Manager
Sally Naylor - Secretary
Jennifer Spelling - Ecologist
Linda Hamling
Mark Hamilton
Ilona Piekut

For the annual accounts see the Finance page.


Legally HWP is an unincorporated association (club/society) governed by the group's constitution: this is based on a Charity Commission model constitution; however, HWP has not yet sought registration as a charity.

HWP Constitution (61kbyte).

Working with Other Organizations

HWP takes part in the Harlow Biodiversity partnership, which is intended to be a partnership between Harlow District Council and local conservation organizations and volunteers.
HCV is an associate member of Harlow Voluntary Sector Forum organised by Voluntary Action Epping Forest in association with Rainbow Services.

HWP does not organise volunteers directly to carry out practical work on projects. The volunteer element of projects is delivered by local conservation volunteer groups, including Harlow Conservation Volunteers and Harlow GreenTeam Volunteers with whom it has close working relationships.

HWP does not intend to engage in political campaining, say against a development on green-field land. The group would only be involved in such activity to the extent that was compatible with charitable status.

We are not a position to provide advice on wildlife conservation except as part of a project we are involved with. Such advice may be available from Harlow Council's Biodiversity Officer or from one of the local wildlife trusts, e.g. Essex Wildlife Trust, or from a commercial ecological consultancy.


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