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January 2014

Newsletter thumbnail This issue of the newsletter covers all wildlife conservation volunteer groups in Harlow.

January 2014 Newsletter (1,887kbyte)

Church End Pond volunteer group - first task

Some local residents are getting together with the help of Rainbow Services, Harlow Council, and HCV to carry out some conservation management and improve the paths around Church End Pond near Katherines estate and Greater Parndon Church. The first task will take place on Saturday 18th January 2014, 10am-~2pm, clearing fallen trees, litter, and coppicing some of the willows. Funding is being sought for deep water signs, some carved site marker logs, repair of fencing, and improvements to the paths including putting down hardcore on the muddiest stretches and widening the access across the dam at the outlet to the pond. The pond is just the other side of Katherines Way from Hawkenbury Meadow Local Nature Reserve, so hopefully greater awareness and support for the LNR can be encouraged as well.

January 2013

Newsletter thumbnail This issue is a joint newsletter for HCV and the Harlow Wildife Projects group.

January 2013 Newsletter (1,090kbyte)

July 2012

Newsletter thumbnail The second issue new-style HCV newsletter is now available, including Harlow Wildife Projects' group news.

July 2012 Newsletter (1,220kbyte)

January 2012

Newsletter thumbnail The first new-style HCV newsletter is now available. This includes chairman's chat, nature reserve spotlight, photographs, poems, quiz questions, and details of interesting events. Enjoy!...

Jan 2012 Newsletter (1,595kbyte)

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