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To download — right-click and choose "Save Target As..." or similar.

HCV Poster

poster thumbnail   Marilyn has designed a poster to advertise the group. If you didn't get one through the post, here is an electronic version to download and print out:

HCV Poster (22kbyte)

HCV Publicity leaflet

If you know of somewhere you could put out a few publicity leaflets or perhaps put up one as a poster you can now download an electronic version from here and print it out:
leaflet thumbnail  

HCV Leaflet (basic quality)  
(207kbyte – ≈50sec with a 56k modem @ typical 33.6kbit/s)

HCV Leaflet (good quality)  
(432kbyte – ≈1min 45sec with a 56k modem @ typical 33.6kbit/s;
≈7sec with broadband @ 512kbit/s)

HCV Leaflet (high quality)  
(2.15Mbyte – ≈35sec with broadband @ 512kbit/s)

Printing tips — A monochrome laser printer is best, especially if photocopying the print-out. On a colour printer use a grayscale o/p. Use "auto-rotate & centre" option. Try to print at 100%, i.e. no "auto-shrink". If you encounter problems try the "Print as image" option. The design is better on coloured paper, e.g. green.

Stort Valley Helping Nature leaflet

leaflet thumbnail  

Stort Valley leaflet  
(1.34Mbyte – ≈22sec with broadband @ 512kbit/s)

Harlow Biodiversity partnership leaflet

HBp Leaflet (basic web version)
(207kbyte – ≈50sec with a 56k modem @ typical 33.6kbit/s
– Acrobat 5 (PDF v1.4) compatible file.)

HBp Leaflet (high quality print version)
(619kbyte – Acrobat 4 (PDF v1.3) compatible file.)

Conservation Information & Handbooks

BTCV Conservation Handbooks online: http://handbooks.btcv.org.uk/

Conservation Project Manual by BP Conservation Programme, Fauna & Flora International, BirdLife International, and RSPB as a free download from: http://conservation.bp.com/

Wild About Gardens (Advice from Wildlife Trust & RHS) www.wildaboutgardens.org

The BTO Nestbox Guide (ISBN10: 1-902576-81-0) gives details of how to build a whole range of bird boxes and which birds will use them.
Available from British Trust for Ornithology.

HCV Consent Form

If you aged 16 or 17 you can download a consent form from here. Please print it out and get a parent or guardian to sign.

HCV Consent Form (24kbyte)   HCV Consent Form (34kbyte)

HCV Group Constitution

HCV Constitution (24kbyte)

Task Record Form

Task leaders can download a PDF version of a blank Task Record form here:

Task Record Form (9kbyte)

Task Expenses

Task leaders or volunteers who bring the tools or other volunteers to a task can claim mileage costs in line with Inland Revenue Approved Mileage Allowance Payments as follows:
40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles in the tax year,
25p per mile thereafter.

(The 10,000 miles limit is now separate from mileage claimed in other contexts.)

The above documents unless otherwise stated should be Acrobat 3.x (PDF v1.2) compatible. You can access the download area of the Adobe® web site to download the latest version of the free Acrobat® Reader® software by clicking here Get Acrobat Reader .


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