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The organisation's accounting year is from 1st April till 31st March in line with local authorities and the default business tax year. The accounts are produced on an accruals basis. The published summary annual accounts consist of an income and expenditure account plus a balance sheet at year end with a single accumulated fund.

Draft summary annual accounts for the immediately past year can be downloaded here. They will be firmed up before the group's AGM which usually takes place in the Autumn.

HCV Accounts 2012-13 (8kbyte).

Past published summary annual accounts of the organisation can be downloaded here:

HCV Accounts 2011-12 (8kbyte).

HCV Accounts 2010-11 (8kbyte).

HCV Accounts 2009-10 (8kbyte).

HCV Accounts 2008-09 (8kbyte).

HCV Accounts 2007-08 (8kbyte).

HCV Accounts 2006-07 (8kbyte).


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